II) Shipping (By Registered Post)-International/Local (DHL eCommerce or equivalent for international shipping)- 1 st set = $15.00(Int), $15.00(local), additional set +$13.00 per set. CONSTRUCTED DECK 【VGE-V-TD12】 English Edition Cardfight!! Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel. Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-TD12 AHSHA English Trial Deck 12 NEO NECTAR clan tcg. III) Tracking number will be provided. $17.95 - Buy CFV-V-TD12 Ahsha (English) Cardfight Vanguard V-Trial Deck for $17.95 only at IDeal808.com. Cardfight Vanguard - V-TD12: Ahsha Price Guide ... $0.12 $0.15 View. Cardfight Vanguard V Trial Deck 09 Shinemon Nitta (V-TD09) Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-EB10-EN V-The Mysterious Fortune Extra Booster Display of 12 … 2 … VGE-V-TD12: Trial Deck Vol.12 Ahsha RM65.00 Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.501 (Ghostie Leader, Beatrice) RM45.00 Deck Holder Collection Vol.1199 (Happiness Heart, Lupina) RM35.00 Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.487 (Sage-saint Mentor of Black Lacquer, Isabelle) RM45.00 VG-V-SS10: Clan Selection Plus Vol. Vanguard Trial Deck 11: Altmile. $18.49. Rating Required Name Email Required. 16 types of cards (12 new cards / 4 reissue cards, inclusive of 4 holo cards) Others: 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 50 cards 1 display contains 6 decks First guide Playmat 3 Double-sided Gift Markers (Front: Force I, Back: Force II) 1 Quick Shield card 5 token cards (2 Plant tokens and 3 Ahsha… IV) Packaging Method Enjoy cardfights with just this product! June 26th, 2020. 50 cards/deck Introducing the Trial Deck for Neo Nectar - Cardfight Vanguard: Ahsha! Cardfight Vanguard Ahsha Trial Deck VGE-V-TD12. Free shipping . Featuring 4 copies of the deck's trump card, "Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha"! Featured Clans:Royal Paladin. Vanguard Trial Deck 12: Ahsha. Featured Clans:Neo Nectar. Each Trial deck comes with: • 1 pre-constructed 50 card trial deck (12 new, 4 reissued) • Players guide, paper playmat and 3 double-sided Gift Markers (Force I on front, Force II on back) • 1 Quick Shield card • 5 token cards (3 Plant tokens and 2 Ahsha's Flower Fairy tokens) Review Subject ... and 3 copies of "Chestnut Bullet" Product Specifications 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 50 cards 16 types of cards (12 new cards / 4 reissue cards, … Free shipping . BOOSTER PACK ODYSSEY OF THE INTERSPATIAL DRAGON START DECK Cardfight Vanguard VGE-G … Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-TD10 CHRONOJET English Trial Deck Gear Chronicle tcg. Neighborly Knight, Boris (RRR Foil) RRR V-TD12/013EN $8.32 $8.00 View. June 26th, 2020. This deck inherits the N Vanguard VGE-V-TD12 EN TRIAL DECK 12 AHSHA ENGLISH EDITION SEALED. $18.49. Vanguard V-Trial Deck Vol.12 Ahsha《Neo Nectar》(VGE-V-TD12) Cardfight Vanguard V BT07 Infinideity Cradle Booster Box. V-TD10「Chronojet」、V-TD11「Altmile」、V-TD12「Ahsha」を3種同時購入でPRパックをプレゼント! PRパックにはRR仕様の「スチームガード カシュテリア」「閃光の盾 イゾルデ」「メイデン・オブ・ブロッサムレイン」が各1枚封入! 詳細はこちら!
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