Think twice upon everything that you do. "Next time my twice dead ex-wife comes back to try to kill me again, you'll know better than to freak out," he teased. 50. In your sentence, you have not swapped the subject and auxiliary- you have simply added another will. He was twice married - in 1842 to a daughter of Schelling the philosopher, and in 1858 to a daughter of General von Hartmann. Coloman was twice married, (1) in 1097 to Buzella, daughter of Roger, duke of Calabria, the chief supporter of the pope, and (2) in 1112 to the Russian princess, Euphemia, who played him false and was sent back in disgrace to her kinsfolk the following year. This part of the book highlights her kindness and her confidence in herself. Every Cuban paid about twice as heavy taxes as a Spaniard of the Peninsula. 106. The sentence is correct as written and does indicate that lemon and orange is to be treated as unit comparable to chocolate. We don't know when it happened so we tried twice to hit the time and struck out and called it quits. The unseeded Welshwoman twice led in the match before David, the No2 seed, delighted the crowd with a victory. At subsequent conclaves he was twice nearly elected pope, but on each occasion was opposed by Spain on account of his work On the Monarchy of Sicily, in which he supported the papal claims against those of the Spanish government. During the six years that Bleek remained at Berlin, he twice declined a call to the office of professor ordinarius of theology, once to Greifswald and once to Konigsberg. She checked her hair twice to make sure no part of her marks were obscured. So, the rule is, repetition of a word in a sentence that makes grammatical sense isn’t wrong, but there is actually no reason for this to occur if you put the extra effort in and revise your sentences accordingly. She must not have twisted one of the locks, even though she'd checked them all twice. Sometimes fourteen articles are detected (in either creed), 7+7; the sacred number twice over.'. Thanks in advance for the answers. This is 490,251 higher than the actual population, 32,475,253, ascertained by the census of the 10th of February 1901; the difference is due to temporary absences from their residences of certain individuals on military service, &c., who probably were counted twice, and also to the fact that 469,020 individuals were returned as absent from Italy, while only 61,606 foreigners were in Italy at the date of the census. Katie knows it. He will never think twice of you. The State Board of Education members select winners twice a year. I hadn't realised that C was still in the running though - it may require twice as many LOC, but it's ~ twice as popular programmer wise?.. 1. Once or twice he shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand to the kerchief, as if wishing to take it off, but let it drop again. The conference room behind it was large and open, its ceiling cathedral and one wall twice the height of the others. Sentence Examples. Communication with the islands is maintained by steamers from Leith and Aberdeen to Lerwick, the capital (twice a week), and to Scalloway, the former capital, and other points (once a week). Twice, though the first time is not common knowledge. When a sufficient number are not available for a two hours' defecation, it is the practice in some factories to skim off the scums that rise to the top, and then boil up the juice for a few minutes and skim again, and, after repeating the operation once or twice, to run off the juice to separators or subsiders of any of the kinds previously described. These riotous proceedings provoked the second military expedition of the governor, and on the 16th of May 1771, with a force of about r000 men and officers, he met about twice that number of Regulators on the banks of the Alamance, where, after two hours of fighting, with losses on each side nearly equal, the ammunition of the Regulators was exhausted and they were routed. He is doing about twice as much business as last year. His **will *will be opened in the court hall itself tomorrow in the presence of the judge. I spent thousands of years and broke the Code twice. Two ears to one tongue, therefore hear. Her movement upset his balance again, and he shifted twice before finally allowing his knees to drop beside hers. Examples of how to use the word 'twice' in a sentence. It is necessary to determine if the modification be a simple change that might have occurred in independent cases, in fact if it be a multiradial apocentricity, or if it involved intricate and precisely combined anatomical changes that we could not expect to occur twice independently; that is to say, if it be a uniradial apocentricity. The " Scharnhorst " was hit twice with little injury; the " Gneisenau " received three hits, one of which bent the flap of the after turret, an injury of little moment. Use ‘twice a year’ in a sentence | ‘twice a year’ example sentences . According to his expense accounts, he only went to Scranton twice that we know of—both visits only a day or two. Most remarkable is the presence of a number of beetles along the seashore between tide-marks, where, sheltered in some secure nook, they undergo immersion twice daily, and have their active life confined to the few hours of the low ebb. heres my jap-a-noobie ( beginner) example.. LoL james-san ha ichigatsu ni amerika ni ikimasu, he minami. "I need neither your help, your advice, nor your money” would be plain and simple, treating all three nouns with equal emphasis. His administration is notable, not so much for internal affairs but from the fact that he twice acted as arbitrator in disputes in which the Boer states were involved. You should brush your teeth twice a day. She thought she heard something stir once, twice, before she was certain. Thus for a dash the interval between the positive and the negative current is equal to the time the paper takes to travel over twice the space between two successive holes. Once or twice during short intervals of peace the marriage project was revived, and was favoured by Queen Isabel. If I say that, I will be being very silly. Having baited the horses twice on the way, he arrived at the town toward evening on the fourth of August. Hot, hungry, exhausted, she stopped twice on the trek up the hill to catch her breath. The average person in North America uses more than twice as much electricity as his counterpart in Europe. When Balashev had ended, Napoleon again took out his snuffbox, sniffed at it, and stamped his foot twice on the floor as a signal. In the case of the ring in question, the circumferential changes were in weak fields less than twice as great as the transverse ones, while in strong fields they were more than twice as great; under increasing magnetic force therefore the volume of the ring was first diminished, then it regained its original value (for H=go), and ultimately increased. The magazine is issued twice a month. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. ). We go through this at least twice a year. You might want to consider using lemon-orange to describe the flavor. When words collide, try these approaches: 1. This part of the book highlights her kindness and her confidence in herself. 700, was twice blessed; not only was it an act of atonement in itself, like fasting and flagellation; it also gained for the pilgrim the merit of having stood on holy ground. I don't know him well. The next day the marriage was solemnized twice, according to the Roman Catholic and Anglican usages. he confounds Dionysius the elder and Dionysius the younger, Mithradates satrap of Artaxerxes and Mithradates the Great, Scipio the elder and Scipio the younger, Perseus, king of Macedonia and Perseus the companion of Alexander; he mixes up the stratagems of Caesar and Pompey; he brings into immediate connexion events which were totally distinct; he narrates some events twice over, with variations according to the different authors from whom he draws. Is "because" twice in a sentence here natural sounding: But that will be difficult because I can't moderate chats myself because I am not around much. Of course, the trail would be twice as dangerous now, with slippery wet rocks and washed out places. A " sounding tube," say an inch in diameter, and somewhat more than twice the length of the jet tube, is then lowered over the flame, as in the figure. This compact was twice broken, and in 1428 the Maltese paid King Alfonso 30,000 florins for a confirmation of privileges, with a proviso that entitled them to resist by force of arms any intermediate lord that his successors might attempt to impose. Any horse falling at the trial jump or twicerefusing is not allowed to compete. He was ordained in August 1829, and started at once for India, but was twice shipwrecked before he reached Calcutta in May 1830, and lost all his books and other property. Makar Alexeevich came twice that evening shuffling along in his galoshes as far as the door and stopped and looked ingratiatingly at Pierre. Three times he waged war on the emperor, twice he was proclaimed king of Hungary, and by the peace of Nikolsburg (Dec. 31, 1621) he obtained for the Protestants a confirmation of the treaty of Vienna, and for himself seven additional counties in northern Hungary besides other substantial advantages. " from tip to tip, twice sustained itself in the air for 12 minutes (the full time for which it was supplied with fuel and water), and traversed on each occasion a distance of over half a mile, falling gently into the water when the engines stopped. Riis Marshall. About 1639 he entered upon the career of an itinerant preacher, and for preaching in various parts of Wales he was twice arrested in 1640; however, he was not punished and during the Civil War he preached in and around London. ‘Nor’ can be correct as many times as you like, but the example sentence is bad style. How can I avoid from using "through" twice in this sentence?-----The First Party shall pay the wage of the Second Party *through* Payroll Bank sytem of Mandiri Bank *through* transfer to the bank account of the Second Party. One sentence will have a double “that,” and students think it’s a mistake, but it’s not. And there again, and twice and thrice! They meet twice a year to hear appeals from presbyteries. But there are more than twice as many visible in the early morning hours as in the evenings, and during the last half of the year there are also more than twice as many visible as during the first half. John Lorimer Worden (1818-1897), had left New York on the morning of the 6th of March; after a dangerous passage in which she twice narrowly escaped sinking, she arrived at Hampton Roads during the night of the 8th, and early in the morning of the 9th anchored near the "Minnesota.". She'd not thought twice about their lack of police uniforms but was now struck by it. If the black ions move twice as fast as the white ones, the state of things after the passage of a current will be represented by the lower part of the figure. Twice in a sentence 1. It was Amalric also who set him to write the history of the Crusades which we still possess (in twenty-two books, with a fragment of a twentythird) - the Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum. The Palazzo del Comune, with its lofty arched substructures at the back, was the work of Margaritone d'Arezzo, but has been since twice restored. It's perfectly grammatical and pops up on the printed page all the time, but it can look strange if you stare at it. Their product in 1900 was more than twice the product in 1890, and the product in 1905 (from establishments under the factory system only) was $50,298,290, i.e. An outstanding feature was the Kallah assemblage twice a year (in Elul at the close of the summer, and in Adar at the end of the winter), when there were gathered together vast numbers of outside students of the most heterogeneous character as regards both age and attainments. People sometimes say that one thing is twice as good or hard as another when they want to emphasize that the first thing is much better or harder than the second. Once-or-twice. Hence area of triangle ACB = twice area of triangle aTb. Hi, Anonymous Is this awkward and unnatural?No. Boris passed them twice and each time turned away. He contributed extensively to the periodical literature of astronomy, and was twice, in 1823 and 1830, the recipient of the Royal Astronomical Society's gold medal. Having lost his father at an early age, he owed much to his mother and to his guardian, Verginius Rufus, who had twice filled the office of consul and had twice refused the purple (ii. 4 Answers. If you use the same word it becomes repetitive. 5. twice as much in a sentence - Use "twice as much" in a sentence 1. 390) speaks twice of Londinium as an ancient town to which the honourable title of Augusta had been accorded. They aided in the vigorous defence of the city of Naples, and twice attacked and pillaged Amalfi, in 1135 and 1137, with such effect that the town never regained its prosperity. Fox was twice painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, once when young in a group with Lady Sarah Bunbury and Lady Susan Strangeways, and once at full length. Droysen, who was twice married, died in Berlin on the 19th of June 1884. been held twice a year since 1862 under the patronage of the agricultural society; and the wool market was reinstituted in 1872 by the German Trade Society (Deutscher Handelsverein). There are 50 example sentences for twice, and this page shows no. Since leaving college, she'd stayed in shape through the local gym, where she lifted weights and forced herself onto a cardio machine twice a week. He'd never thought twice about trusting Harmony or any other death-dealer. A circular piece of this paper is folded twice upon itself so as to form a quadrant, one of the folds is pulled out, and the cone thus obtained is supported in a glass or porcelain funnel having an apical angle of 60°. The 6th Corps only was severely shaken, the 4th (the best in the whole army), though it had fought hard twice within fortyeight hours, losing nearly 30% of its strength, was still well in hand, and the 3rd, 2nd and Imperial Guards were almost intact. She too, though twice married, died without issue, having at one time adopted Louis III. Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice. Better ask twice than lose you way once. It was captured and retaken by counter-attack twice between 6 p.m. on twice the vertical projected area of one girder, treating the pressure on the train as a travelling load. February 22nd, 2015, 07:08 PM #4. it waspublished twice a month and might possibl3 have created a demand for its wares had not the editor and sub editor left for America after the issue of the 10th number. On the application of a small magnetizing force to a bar of soft annealed iron, a certain intensity of magnetization is instantly produced; this, however, does not remain constant, but slowly increases for some seconds or even minutes, and may ultimately attain a value nearly twice as great as that observed immediately after the force was applied.'. Quantities can be learned from experience, and from watching individual cases; frequency varies within very wide limits, from reptiles which at most may feed once a week and fast for long periods, to the smaller insectivorous birds which require to be fed every two or three hours, and which in the winter dark of northern latitudes must be lighted up once or twice in the … It came, however, to be the practice to impose some restrictions, as on clerks twice married. Some of them, like the Kreuzbrunnen and the Ferdinandsbrunnen, contain alkaline-saline waters which resemble those of Carlsbad, except that they are cold and contain nearly twice the quantity of purgative salts. The speaker regards such phrases as having a function of "resetting" the sentence, setting up for a contrasting point that follows. Twice they noticed the French appearing below them, and then they fired grapeshot at them. He had suffered twice from the chicanery of Edward's lawyers; in 1284 when a dispute between himself and the royal favourite, John Giffard, was decided in the latter's favour; and again in 1292 when he was punished with temporary imprisonment and sequestration for a technical, and apparently unwitting, contempt of the king's court. Not more than four species and twice that number of specimens are known. Experiments upon the growth of barley for fifty years in succession on rather heavy ordinary arable soil resulted in showing that the produce by mineral manures alone is larger than that without manure; that nitrogenous manures alone give more produce than mineral manures alone; and that mixtures of mineral and nitrogenous manure give much more than either used alone - generally twice, or more than twice, as much as mineral manures alone. - Spalacotherium tricuspidens (twice nat. 1268), Benedictine abbot of Notre Dame de la Grasse (1224) and bishop of Marseilles (1229), twice visited the Holy Land (1239 and 1260), where he helped the Templars build the great castle of Safet. A lens of twice its strength has a refractive power of 2 D, and a focal length of half a metre, and so on. 115. Trotter's prides itself on never serving the same dish twice, so you are unlikely to find the exact same dinner as previous guests. 1 : on two occasions twice absent. The first of these bands with whom Florence came into contact was the Great Company, commanded by the count of Lando, which twice entered Tuscany Y but was expelled both times by the Florentine troops (1358-1359). A fault denied is twice committed. Twice Len came to visit and Howard was there every night. She'd been there twice before today and only knocked once for fear he'd answer. Its fortifications were greatly strengthened; nevertheless it was twice taken by the Imperialists and twice recovered by the French during the Spanish Succession War. I'm ready for my fate. Twice the court had to flee from Paris; once when there was a rumour of intended flight the populace was admitted to see the king in his bed. Example sentences with the word twice. However, it's not very often used. Fries and two others were twice tried for treason (the second time before Samuel Chase) and were sentenced to be hanged, but they were pardoned by President Adams in April 1800, and a general amnesty was issued on 21st May. Just try not to use the same word in every sentence. I was curious if you could use "ni" twice in a sentence, AND then use "he" in the same sentence. They that reckon without their host are to reckon, 28. 2- Two eggs are laid twice a year. Rule number one: Feed the cat twice a day at eight AM and three PM. He was twice president of the London Chemical Society, in 1863-1865, and again in 1869-1871. A small, round object twice the size of a dinner plate appeared from the chasm and skimmed over several feet of grass to reach them. "That's twice we've turned, Caleb," she scolded. There are, according to Muller, twice as many palms known from New Guinea as from Australia. Answer Save. He won a brilliant victory over the forces of Saladin at Arsuf (1191), and twice led the Christian host within a few miles of Jerusalem. Sasha's men would kill you twice before you reached the front door. Tim mimicked her, but Jim merely nodded his head quickly twice. Through 1995 with the Seahawks, Robinson met Elway twice a year. Examples of twice in a sentence: 1. He usually walked twice a week to attend. He had heard it twice before. The Royalist cavalry was disorganized by victory as often as by defeat, and illustrated on numerous fields the now discredited maxim that cavalry cannot charge twice in one day. Another method of enabling more work to be done in a given time in a given cistern is the use of a bag twice the ordinary length, open at both ends. Bhutias do not care to extend their cultivation, as an increased revenue is exacted in proportion to the land cultivated, but devote their whole energies to make the land yield twice what it is estimated to produce. APA Style. hiragana), but he hasn't moved on to katanaka yet. Great Britain had twice as many pigs as Ireland, but the swine industry is mainly. In 1895 borrowing on a larger scale was begun, and in twelve years twice as many millions were added to the public debt. He forced his attention away and walked slowly down the hallway, towards the room where the girl had been – and where Jonny had appeared twice this morning. Examples of 'twice' in a sentence twice. Recensions and revisions were twice made, in 1368 and 1531; but how far the true Ibelin was recovered, and what additions or alterations were made at these two dates, we cannot tell. It has been noticed at Woburn Abbey that the antlers are shed and replaced twice a year. It was frequently reprinted on the Continent during the 16th century, and once or twice since. President Harrison was twice married; in 1853 to Miss Caroline Lavinia Scott, by whom he had a son and a daughter, and in 1896 to Mrs Mary Scott Lord Dimmock, by whom he had a daughter. We have already shown that St Paul twice quoted from the Greek text of the Testaments. He played an active part in the stirring church politics of the period, and was twice moderator of the kirk, and a member of the commission of inquiry into the condition of the university of St Andrews (1583). It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection. He was twice banished for attempting to overthrow the oligarchical party in Syracuse; in 317 he returned with an army of mercenaries under a solemn oath to observe the democratic constitution which was then set up. The taramasalata will make anyone think twice about eating the usual grot. The distances of these bodies at the times of opposition were somewhat less than unity, though more than twice as great as that of Mars in 1877. I need both becauses there. He practised law in New York and Philadelphia, was chosen mayor of Philadelphia in 1828, and in 1829 was appointed by President Jackson, whom he had twice warmly supported for the presidency, United States attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, a position long held by his father. How to connect 'twice' with other words to make correct English sentences.twice (adv): two timesUse 'twice' in a sentence He exercises twice a day. Evelyn's wedding was for a hundred invitees in a small chapel by the ocean followed by a reception for over twice that many guests. 2. He had heard it twice before. When, however, Lord North became premier in 1770, Conway resigned from the cabinet and was appointed to the command of the royal regiment of horse guards; and in 1772 he became governor of Jersey, the island being twice invaded by the French during his tenure of command.
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