When you meditate, your energy mixes with the energy of the shri yantra and that is when the worship begins. Package and how to use : As yantras has to be kept wrapped in Silk cloth, these two Yantras were packed in a Red colour Pure Silk cloth for Ketu Yantra and Black cotton-silk for Rahu Yantra (as original silk in black colour is not available as it is very rare silk saree available in black). During the time your yantra reaches you and you establish it; you can keep it at any clean place, like in a cupboard. An exception to this rule may be in case when Rahu is a converted malefic in a horoscope. Rahu planet plays an important role in making both good and bad impacts in the horoscope of a person. Rahu Yantra should be installed and worshipped to pacify and reduce the negative effects of planet Rahu. For best results, you should establish Rahu yantra on a Saturday and you should establish it in the place of worship in your house or office; in case you have chosen a bigger size. I WANT PROGRESS PLEASE HELP. (It is like recording a song and enjoying it forever). Focus on it, chant 108 or more mantras of Rahu and then request your specific wishes from this yantra. Hence the yantra is prepared and energized specifically for you; with the chant of Rahu mantras. and improve your meditations and concentration. Place the yantra there, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Rahu yantra, chant 108 Beej mantras of Rahu, pray to Rahu and ask for the best possible results. This will please Ragu and HELP ME IN PROGRESS. Or You can transfer funds online to : SRIVATHSAN KRSIHNASWAMY – ICICI A/c No.0014 0102 3224 (Branch: Srirangam; IFSC Code: ICIC0006125 and mail your address to yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com. The most commonly used size of this yantra is fit for establishing it in your house or office. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. ... After confirmation of your email, we will process your order and energize the Powerful Yantra according to your best muhurta. Paypal id: Srivathsan@swayamvaraparvathi.com and can mail your address to yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com, Ketu Yantra (Navagraha Yantras) Ketu Yantra Ketu yantra is very useful to negate the bad effect of Ketu dasa bhukti period. In case if you don’t have any relative in India, then kindly send US$25 for each Yantra through paypal only. Place the yantra there, sprinkle some holy water or unboiled milk on your Rahu yantra, chant 108 Beej mantras of Rahu, pray to Rahu and ask for the … It is an antenna of nature making it a powerful tool to attract or increase harmony, prosperity, success, good health, protection etc. Rahu Yantra . Ketu yantra (alongwith Rahu Yantra) gives us to negate the negative energy of Ketu and expect more positives for our efforts. Dear Sir, There are many yantra pictures on website and i wanted to know whether i can use that yantra by downloading? Usually when our effort is not giving fruitful result for a longer period, it may be due to Rahu & Ketu. Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. Please Advice the price of the RAGU , KETHU Yenthiram, postage charges. In order to safeguard yourself from the malefic effects of Rahu and to gain good health, happiness and prosperity, you can install the Rahu Yantra in your house, office or even wear it as an ornament We are Open for Fast Delivery in Every Location with Safe & Sanitized Shipping World-Wide. This small copper plate, meticulously inscribed with precise sacred geometry, is your key to accessing and unlocking the powers of the universe. one to used on the Body and one at Business area. Wearing a Rahu yantra gives success in profession, victory over enemies and all round success. Energization of Rahu Yantra: Please note that as such, the Yantra sent to our clients are already energized by our Guruji according to rituals required as per ancient Vedic texts and therefore it may be directly placed in the Puja Room. It can be done with Black full-Urid Dal). Rahu yantra may be used to increase strength of Rahu and gain benefits from it. Astroshastra experts energize the yantra for the benefit of person who buys it. This yantra is a very good replacement of Hessonite, the gemstone of planet Rahu. Please enter a valid pincode. You need to pray and ask for whatever negative energy is affecting your life along with this mantra. Rahu Yantra should be installed and worshipped to pacify and reduce the negative effects of planet Rahu. The Yantra is the graphic, mathematics and magic representation of the divine one. For this; your as well as your father’s name may be used. All rights reserved. All infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest of law. 3. Imagine the power of being able to view anything – regardless of time, regardless of space. Hence this yantra may be used when Rahu is duly benefic and it may also be used for partly benefic and partly malefic Rahu in many cases. However, if a native is not able to afford Hessonite; Rahu yantra may do the job in such case, though it may require effort from native’s end. Sani Yantra – Shani Yantra – Saturn Yantra, Chevvai Yantra – Angaraka Yantra – Mangal Yantra – Mars Yantra, Budhan Yantra – Budha Yantra – Mercury Yantra, Suriyan Yantra – Suriya Yantra – Sun Yantra, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtmezLnoxhc, 1. How to Pay: You can send a cheque in favour of “K.Srivathsan” (if it id DD, kindly make it payable at Tiruchi) alongwith your name & address to us : K.Srivathsan, S3, Bharath Castle, Old EB Office Road, Srirangam, Tiruchi – 620006. I kept my paper version and decided to upgrade to something much more powerful. We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done. To have an idea; in order to witness similar benefits as those given by a 4 carat Hessonite of good quality, the native may need to chant about 1500 to 2000 Veda mantras or Beej mantras of Rahu on daily basis. All the nine planets control various aspects of our life and can change our life events instantly. 21.Jan.1988 Time Malaysian 11.30 pm. Rahu however in the 12 houses of a natal chart does. Energized with puja vidhi, mantra, buy siddh Rahu yantra at the best price. Rahu Yantra - Yantra for Rahu Rahu Yantra is a device used to appease the planet Rahu. In fact, you too will need to regularly worship and sanctify the Yantra installed at your … Rahu Yantra/ Dragon's Head Yantra shall be installed on any rising Moon Saturday. In case you need to keep it in your pocket; place it somewhere clean after taking bath; complete the aforementioned steps and then put it in your pocket. In order for this yantra to render proper benefits to a native; it should first be purified, energized and programmed for the native through Vedic procedures. Among the oils, Rahu is most connected to Mustard and Linseed Oils. Rahu Yantra has the divine ability to energize the place where it is placed. The energy of Rahu is difficult to handle for most people. However, the wrong position of Rahu in a birth chart may lead to several disturbances that make life a complicated one. Yantras kept @ Grahas and its Adhi-Devathas feet for blessings: After performing the japa, the Yantras were kept at the feet of Rahu (Thirunageswaram) and Ketu (keezhaperumpallam) and archana was done on 25th Dec. Tuesday. If you keep the yantras in pooja room, kindly keep it in the west facing east direction (except some yantras which were specifically told to keep other place or direction). Good to have during Rahu dasa Bhukti period to negate the bad effect of Rahu. How to keep the yantra clean and powerful for longer period: To get good result from the yantra for the maximum period is to keep the yantra clean and proper. Please do not carry the yantra to inauspicious place like death ceremony etc. for queries : yantra@swayamvaraparvathi.com Phone : 9944888886. Both need to be carried and can be kept in the wallet (purse). Rahu Adhidevatha – Prayer – Mantra – Days – Parihara. Then you can maintain the copper plate in the following ways: 1. Rahu has a strong negative side as an active and disruptive force, which is operating mainly on the mental plane and has malefic nature, which has confusing, dull, lazy, selfish and pleasure seeking influence. Upgrading to Silver Yantra: As per my research Silver was the best metal for Yantras. Removing hurdles in marriages, business, education etc. 2. shopping of astro-remedies This is because of the reason that a native wearing Hessonite doesn’t need to do anything in order to get such benefits through it; apart from wearing it. A Yantra is a great cosmic conductor of energy. 6. How many times we should do japa to energise the yantras: Ketu Mahadasa period is 18 years. Clean the yantra with Milk and water and dry it with a pure cloth the next day morning and again wrap it with silk cloth. This yantra is used when Rahu is malefic and giving its malefic effects such as hidden enemies, wrong or non diagnosis of illness, deceit from those around you etc. Wash the Yantra with rose water or milk and Wipe the yantra with clean cloth. What is Yantra: As per hindu shastra, the mantras and its vibration cannot be preserve for many hours/days without an instrument made up of Gold/silver/Copper/Bronze. Planet Rahu has great significance in the birth chart of a person. The cost breakup of the Yantras are as follows: 2. At least my paper Yantra was free and had the right dimensions. Correct mantras for the Yantra need to be chanted with requisite number of Time. One can install the Rahu Yantra in the temple or puja room if doing any mantra sadhna or it can be installed near the entrance of your home, shop, office, business premises or in your living room. Size and usage of the Yantraa: Size is 2” x 2” and made up of Copper. The Rahu turns malefic and affects your life to a great extent. Mantra for Rahu Remedies Feeding this to ants, birds and other animals is a simple way of propitiating Rahu. The planet Rahu is a shadow planet which means that it does not have any physical existence. I have been loosing a lot of money in business and No peace of mind and No Progress. Meditation is a pre-requisite to energize the yantra. 200,000. Copyright Infringement is an offense under Section 63 of Indian Copyright Act 1957 and it is punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than 6 months but which may extend to 3 years and with fine which shall not be less than  Rs.
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